Impact Technology has on Education

Technology has made great advances throughout the years and is now being used as a tool in the education of students in the K-12th grade. Many schools across the United States incorporate technology such as use of computers, tablets, and/or iPads; giving students opportunity to use different resources to enhance academic learning.

The K12 program is a primary example of how technology is being utilized in Education. This program is online schooling for parents who prefer to homeschool their children/ teens. Students use the computer to attend virtual classrooms online, completing online lessons and participate in interactive activities to supplement what they are currently learning. If the students have access to the internet and a computer/laptop they can attend school wherever they may be.

There are plenty of students who do attend school on campus, technology is also being used to supplement what they are learning in class. In Seattle, Washington the public schools in that district offer online resources on their website, “Below are our most popular online resources for students. Below the icons, you’ll find a listing of all resources sorted by topic or by name.” Some of these resources are links to websites such as Seattle Public Schools Online Textbooks giving students access to textbooks that have been approved by the district, World Book and World Book Kids which is an online encyclopedia. There are many other links which can be helpful in the students’ academic studies.

Along with public schools providing education, there are several private schools some of which are faith-based also have incorporated technology to supplement their academic curriculum. Links and printable documents to help students excel in their education is provided at an all girls catholic school Washington DC. These links offer videos, worksheets, and interactive activities.

Currently, technology is in large part how students do their research, study, complete assignments, and take tests. Public or private school teachers utilize technology in their curriculum to help their students learn the subjects they are teaching; writing a research paper for a Middle School or High School students requires them to use a computer and the internet to complete the assignment. Some classes require assignments to be typed up and printed in a certain format before being turned in. In addition to these few examples, there a lot of learning apps available on iPads and Tablets that are recommended to students in the K-12th grade, so they can practice and comprehend what they have learned in school thru interactive educational games.

The way students are receiving their education has evolved in the last several decades. There was a time the only way to do a research paper was to go to the Public Library and search through books and encyclopedias to obtain the information you needed to complete your assignment. These days all you need is a computer and internet access encyclopedias or e-books. There was a time when being homeschooled meant sending lessons and assignments via mail. But now, everything is done online in virtual classrooms. Technology has made an impact on student education; whether its good or bad that is up to you.