Online Education for Military Personnel

Being in the military comes with many benefits: free health insurance, job security, serving your country, and most importantly a free education. There is a lot of hype about how after you serve in the military you will receive your GI bill that will pay or your education, but not many people know about Tuition Assistance which will help pay for your schooling while you are serving.

Tuition Assistance

While you are serving as active duty in the military you can receive tuition assistance. Tuition assistance also known as TA pays a certain amount of money, the amount depends on which branch you join, per year for school while serving as active duty. One of the trickiest parts about using tuition assistance is finding time to use it. When you are in the military life is usually busy and going to school after a long day of work doesn’t seem plausible or pleasing.

Online Education

The solution to this issue is finding an online university for military personnel. I myself am active duty and have been able to balance work, family and going to school. The beauty of online education is that you can do your school work when you have time. The schools generally will give you all your work Monday morning and it will not be due until Sunday night. This gives even busy military personnel plenty of time to fit getting an education into their schedule.

Are Online Schools Accredited?

Yes, online schools are accredited. They are just as accredited as schools that have classes only on campus. Online is becoming an extremely popular and credible way of getting an education; most big universities that a few years ago were on campus only are starting to offer classes online. Technology has become so advanced that teaching students online is getting easier and more efficient for not only the students but also the school.

Do Employers Take Online Education Seriously?

The answer is simply, yes. In the past, there has been some controversy about this. A lot of employers looked at an online education as something more of a joke than a degree, but because of how popular it is becoming employers are taking it more seriously. Employers are also starting to realize that the reason people are getting a degree online is that they are also working. This means that not only will this potential employee have an education, they will also have experience which is huge in today’s job market.

Out of State Tuition

Most of the online schools lower their tuition for the military, even if they are not from the same state as the college. Doing your research when deciding which school to go to is important; you want to make sure you find a military-friendly school that lowers tuition and understands that sometimes our schedule needs flexibility because of things like detachments and deployments. Don’t let the fear of a busy military life stop you from getting the education you have always wanted.